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Circa 1722
Finely painted in the manner of Herold with six vertical panels of Chinoiserie figures, each panel edged in gilt
(wear to the gilding on neck)
4 in. (10.2 cm) high

Cleo M. and G. Ryland Scott Jr., Antique Porcelain Digest, Newport, England, 1961, pp. 178-179, fig. 98.

On display in the Scott-Allen Collection at The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia from 1976 until 1996

On display in the “George Ryland Scott Collection” at The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art between June 1955 and May 1960

NOTES BY CLEO M. AND G. RYLAND SCOTT, JR in the late 1950’s
This tea cady was purchased in 1950 in Lucerne, Switzerland, from Fischer Antique Co. It is the earliest shape Meissen tea cady. It was first made by Bottger. It differs from the three other hexagonal cadies that we own in that the vertical edges separating the six panels are concave while the others are convex, and a few years later. This cady is decorated in polychrome Chinoiseries and the chinamen in five of the panels represent the Emperor and the sixth one the Empress. These figures are tall and are undoubtedly by the hand of J. G. Herold himself. The Empress is standing and holding a basket of fruit. She is wearing a long flowing robe over a blue dress with a band holding her black hair in prominent braids. The next panel shows the Emperor standing holding an umbrella in his right hand. His robe is purple over a white under garment, red shoes and orange collar, orange and green hat with wide black brim. The next panel shows him dressed in a very full flowing brickdust red robe, black collar and belt, green and red hat, with wide lavender brim. .He has in his hand what looks like a map. The next panel shows him seated before a drum and holding a drum stick in each hand. His hat is red, green and black. The next panel shows him standing without a hat, his long hair tied in the middle; purple robe over brown pants. The next panel shows him again standing dressed in a very elaborate robe with floral decoration worn over a red skirt, over another skirt. He has a red and yellow wide girdle, surmounted by a purple one. His hat is black, green and purple. He holds in his right hand a short sword and in his left, resting across his left shoulder, a huge scimitar. Birds, flowers and butterflies complete the picture. The six panels, top and bottom are enclosed in wide bands of gold. A flat top in gold scroll work completes the picture. This cady is before the mark and dates 1720-1722.
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D3S, f/5.6 @ 62 mm, 1/125, ISO 400, No Flash